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As you've probably guessed, this site site is about me, Jeanette. I've been taking photographs for pretty much all my life, and about 15 years ago decided to make a career out of it. I've loved nearly every minute of it, met some brilliant people and been to some amazing weddings.

Clients who book me seem to like my relaxed informal images. I'm happy to do groups however I prefer to keep them relaxed and informal.

Sitwell Arms Wedding

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Practice makes perfect

Wedding photographs are the most beautiful photographs of your life, and you want to know that you'll look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Most people find practice makes perfect, so while we don't recommend more than one wedding, we offer a complementary practice shoot so you can relax and have a bit of fun while being photographed, confident that you'll get some great results.

Buxton wedding

Flattering photography

I've specialised in learning how to take flattering photographs of people. By using good lighting techniques, the right lenses, and knowing which positions suit different people, you can be sure of getting some great photographs. I also use photoshop to varying degrees to enhance where desired.

Dare to be different

Above all, I like to be invited to photograph weddings which are just a bit different.

Please contact me to find out if I'm available for your perfect day, we've got some really good collections including images on CD, and we love talking about weddings.

Whether you're having a lavish marquee wedding, a humanist ceremony in a field, a goth wedding, or a simple civil ceremony, finding someone to commit to and getting married is so important it deserves to be celebrated. Creating a trully wonderful wedding portfolio is the only way to do justice to the great lengths (and expense) that you go to, to create a magical day.