Wedding Albums

It's your story - your images. We are proud to offer the most stunning albums from british manufacturers which are made to last a lifetime and beyond.

leather bound album

Traditional albums

Simply gorgeous, these albums are hand-made and bound with luxurious leather, wood, silk or metal covers, and can be as restrained or as opulent as you choose. There is a wide choice of colours, so you can be as creative as you want. They also feature double overlays, which are custom cut to our specific designs, to show off your images to perfection, and each page can have between 1-12 images on it. They're even supplied in a briefcase.

wedding album detail

Storybook Albums

Storybook albums are the latest in contemporary album design, featuring digital layouts printed directly onto the page. The pages are designed using a computer, then the whole page is printed at once, and then bound.  Colour photographs on monochrome backgrounds, background fades, detail insets... if you can imagine it you can have it. 
The albums are beautifully bound, several designs feature customised fronts, with inset acrylic details. For examples of storybook layouts, see the portfolio gallery.