Musings of a wedding photographer.

Blackbrooke House, Nottinghamshire, June 2012

What a beautiful day, from beginning to end. Sam is originally from Sri Lanka, so that made it extra interesting. Its hard to believe Hayley really hates being photographed, she looked stunning. I had some admiration for the registrar, she managed Sam's rather long name (which I haven't space to repeat here) very well. Its the first time I've been to this venue and it was very, classy, relaxed, smart, comfortable and well well-organised.

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Whitley Hall, Sheffield, April 2011

Beautiful sunshine again. A lovely traditional wedding, with Robert and Vicky, the new Mr and Mrs Dunckley!


Birmingham, April 28th 2011

I spent today at a training session, arranged by G F Smith, and album supplier. The presenters were Kevin Wilson and Mark Lawrence, who made a very entertaining double act. We were shown an AV of Kevin's work, which is very stylish - and the services of 2 models. I'm often wary of the benefits of using professional size 6 models for days like today, it really doesn't take much effort to take some great shots of a beautiful girl who knows how to pose. However, we were treated to an excellent demonstration of how to use reflectors.

Robert and Vicky, practice shoot, April 16th 2011

Just a couple of weeks until Robert and Vicky's wedding at Whitley Hall - we got together to do a practice shoot. Being another lovely April day we just walked down to the fields nearby. This weather is just amazing, the best bit is that it makes people feel so good.

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Robert and Vicky

Mike and Dawn, practice shoot, April 10th 2011

I'll be shooting a wedding in Settle in a few weeks - so any excuse to get back into the Yorkshire Dales, I went to meet Mike and Dawn at the church which I haven't been to before. I also met the vicar - it does promise to be an entertaining ceremony. This was followed by tea at The Naked Man Cafe - apparently Dawn worked there when she was a student - and a quick shoot in the back yard.

Mike and Dawn