Creating a trully wonderful wedding portfolio is the only way to do justice to the great lengths (and expense) that you go to, to create a magical day. Beautiful wedding photography may be the greatest piece of art you will own, and its extra special because you have had such a large role in creating the event.

"Like an exclusive ring, or a fabulous dress, it is a joy forever."

Tiara Photography offers creativity, expertise, experience and quality. We only cover a limitted number of weddings each year to ensure our work stays personal, individual and fresh.

So why choose us?

First of all, if you don't really love our style of photography, better look for someone else. However, one of the things that sets us apart from many other excellent photographers is our experience. If something goes differently than hoped for, we've got the experience to go with it, get great photos anyway, and you'll just see it as a unique part of the day. In all circumstances, we have the skill and expertise to cope.

We want to create beautiful images, and if you want someone to create beautiful images for you, then get in touch.

Above: Making the most of the surroundings for stunning images.

Slim, dark bride at Sheffield Park Hotel

Seriously stylish at Sheffield Park Hotel.